Moment Segmentation

„Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!” (Huber, 2018)

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The MX Principle

Do we have a problem at all?

Big data, AI and the screening of consumers are still owing relevant results beyond marketing promises from technology providers: True personalization and prediction of decisions to purchase and not fully realized and resemble more a “make them feel as if”. At the same time, personal privacy and the right to informational self-determination appear as distant and pale memory. Marketing and strategic management of consumer-related industries have got on the wrong track and are stuck in a self-reinforcing  “segmentation-impasse”. And all this at the expense of data security and privacy.



Every motorist knows that you can only get out of a dead end if you drive back to the beginning.


We believe that data protection and privacy are irreconcilable with screening of consumers and that it is even not required if you invert traditional CRM approaches.

Inverting e. g. a customer segmentation approach means that we change everything: From Design Thinking for product and services design, the lifecycle management of products and services, as well as the approach to customers and their data. This is a truly strategic move that will change marketing and strategic management as we know it today.


We are in our final research activities and plan to develop new marketing tools by 2024. First microservices might be available by 2025.


Together with Prof. Dr. David Scheffer and Isabel Pérez Cano, Nils-C. Huber has published a peer-reviewed article in the 6/2018 edition of Nordakademie’s scientific journal, which you can download here as a pdf.

Some say, all problems on this planet could be solved through applying cognitive capabilities like thinking. While we subscribe to the ideas of deliberateness, thoughtfulness and prudence, we believe that all problems on this planet can be solved through empathizing, understanding and collaborating – however, this address a completely different part of our brain but the neocortex.

Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!

The core of our research interest, moment segmentation, as well as our overall focus on psychometric preferences and the related perceptions in any moment (momentary experience) are derived form the book, published in 02.2018, "Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!"