MomentaryX AG

best moments


Founded in 2020 based on more than 25 years of experience

The MomentaryX AG is a privately held stock corporation that was founded by its shareholders on 02 January 2020. It’s currently in its start-up phase. Each of the founding shareholders provides more than 25 years of relevant experience in designing, building and scaling businesses, especially digital ones.


The purpose of this company is to contribute to a sustainable change in marketing practices and strategic management, especially of consumer-oriented industries.


We think that business platforms are much more than technology, e-commerce or simple intermediation. We orchestrate “business-ecosystems-as-a-service”.




According to the motto of the book „Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!“, we undertake scientific research and develop the next generation of marketing tools.




Decision-makers who want to lead their business from a vicious circle of cost cutting and consolidation back to growth need advisors who think outside of the box.





    Momentary Experience focus

    To create best experiences in any moment, all products, services and touchpoints with any brand message need to be decomposed into the (micro-) moments of human experience.


    Human experiences are always dynamic, contextual and personal. It will never be possible to create best momentary experiences with self-centric, blanket, static, process-focused or transactional understanding and design approaches towards customers and their expectations.


    We and our partner network are the essential companions of all product and services firms who aspire to provide best moments to their customers and consumers.




    No man is an island – why should it be any single firm or industry silo? We believe that any problem on this planet can be solved by working together. Economies will organize themselves and collaborate in ecosystems across industries during the next decades. They will pursue value exchange instead of transactional product and services sales.

    The corresponding business models are platform business models beyond transactional matchmaking and intermediation. Our priority is, therefore, the creation and orchestration of ‘Business-Ecosystems-as-a-Service’ (BEaaS).


    We make the difference

    Given our focus on improving human momentary experience (MomentaryX) and the orientation towards creating and orchestrating business ecosystems, our corporation comprises three business segments:


    1. Design and orchestration of own digital business platforms
    2. Research and development of marketing technologies to realize moment segmentation
    3. Strategic advisory, coaching and training services for decision-makers in consumer-oriented sectors